Prayer Team Schedule

Please Jot Your Dates on the calendar. If you can't serve on the assigned Sunday, please trade with someone or get a substitute. If possible, let the office know before Wednesday of the week prior to your turn if someone is taking your place. We like to have the correct name in the bulletin.

Let me know NOW if you know you have a conflict on the date I have you scheduled. I am assuming that all of you are being able to fullfill this committment. Please contact me if you feel you can no loner serve your church in this way.

8:30 Service:
6- Cindy/David Frieze
13- Rick/Debbie Hanes

20- Richard Rounder/Fran Farrar
27- Kelly Turley/Gary Huggins

3- Sharon Syfrett/Donna Hollifield
10-  Sherry Bean/John Griffin
17- Barbie Chandler/Ed James
24- Rick/Debbie Hanes

1- Cindy/David Freeze
8- Gary Huggins/Fran Farrar
15- Alan/Laura Fruetching
22- Richard Rounder/Wanda Hodson
29- Kelly Turley/Judy Penner
***Giving Missy/Shane time off her ankle to heal. Cindy Hardin-Sub.***

10:55 Service
6- Betty Bruce/Barbara Green
13- Ann Halsell/June Lawrence
20- Dororthy Padgett/Linda Baker
27- Jane Rhoden/Ed James

3- Barbara Green/Ramona Ukestine
10- Betty Bruce/Phyllis Poston
17- Roy Nichols/Barbara Olson
24- Leah/Louis Bevan

1- Linda Baker/Earlene Teague
8- Ann Halsell/June Lawrence
15- Jane Rhoden/Ruth Nichols
22- Patti Spillers/Linda Baker
29- Dorothy Padgett/Roy Nichols