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When we think of our faith ancestors in Genesis, we think of them as great people of faith—as God’s chosen ones who were entrusted with God’s covenant.  While this is true, they are also very human—cheaters and scoundrels.  And yet they were God’s children who God redeemed through a divine covenant.  In many ways, they are a lot like us, so we can relate to them as our dysfunctional faith family.  Join us as we learn about ourselves through our faith ancestors.

The series is as follows:

July 5 – The Other Woman, The Other Son: Genesis 21:8-21

July 12 – Faith Matters: Genesis 22:1-14

July 19 – eHarmony: Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 56-67

July 26 – The Value of a Happy Meal: Genesis 25:19-34

August 2 – Stairway to Heaven: Genesis 28:10-19a

August 9 –Trick or Treat: Genesis 29:15-28

August 16 – Touched by an Angel: Genesis 32:22-31

August 23 – Men Behaving Badly: Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

August 30 – Have Mercy: Genesis 45:1-15

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