To Follow or Not?

     A gunfighting friend, of mine, said many times, "If you need to be there sooner you should have left earlier." He put his finger on the problem of time and its passage.  We must discern today the path that Christ is calling us to walk into tomorrow.  As our town changes, ecomonically, socially, physically; as our church changes, personnel, ministries; as "God willing." each of us are changing in the depth of our committment to Christ; finding the path of today to arrive at tomorrow is a challenge.
     On Jan. 14th we will gather to share our understandings of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, for the transformation of the world(our mission as a United Methodist Church). The first part of the day, will deal with what we as a church expect of ourselves. Then we will look at our procedures to see if they will move a person coming into our midst from no faith in Jesus to a deeply committed follower. The last part of the day will look at our schedule witth the statement, "We that..." this will help us plan and carry out events in ways that move people closer to Christ.
     Any process of discernment needs to begin with the heart of God.  What is Jesus's calling us as individuals to be about? What kind of church do we need to be to meet the needs of this time and build the kind of disciples that will sustain the ministry of the people called Methodist into the future?  What parts of our past can instruct us? What Bible Stories light the path before us?
     Between now and Jan. 14th please be in prayer for our time together.  We need the move of the Holy Spirit to avoid just embracing doing what we have always done, or worse, changing programs just to change without a kingdom goal in sight. Pray for understanding of how we are different now from 3 years ago. Come with an expectant heart, open mind, and a willingness to join in the process. May we offer our Lord our best in this season of Christmas.
See you in Church, jim