Exodus 20:8 "Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy.
     The command to keep the Sabbaath, "Holy," has lead to a great deal of ideas, retoric, and elevation of leisure.  For the old rabbis the prohibition of work was not a license for leisure but a reminder that we owe all to The Eternal. To cease all my labor is counter-intuitive, if my life flows from my effort.  The command to set the Sabbath apart to God(keep Holy) was to be an aid for all of us who get our own effort too far ahead of the reality of God in Christ's action(Grace), in our lives.
     By Jesus's time the day had become not a blessing but a burden. Jesus had to remind the teachers of the Law that the Sabbath was for man not the other way around.  Finding the time in our busy lives to allow Christ to restore our souls is no easier now than it was in Jesus's time, but just as needful. This week is there a place and time that we will stop long enough to let the master renew our strength? Is there time to renew our relationships? Is there a place to reconsider our life plan and the direction we are moving?
     Attending church is a good start, but is it enough to still the noise of life and let the Word of Jesus touch our cores? Is an hour or two a week enough? If not what will change this week? Is my assessment of my peace of mind a reality? Have I taken time to deal with myself and my God or do I hide in busyness?
    I pray the rest of this week may find a growing sense of Jesus's strength and love. See you in Church, Jimh