The Dentons are Coming!

Dear Church Family,                                                                                
    The First Sunday in March our church will welcome Rev. Gloria Denton and her family for her first service.  She and her husband Carter have three kids; Emma-4yrs, Lily-13yrs, and Kiara a freshman at OSU(but we will forgive that,ha!) Moving here from Tulsa, Asbury(huge Church), she brings strengths in Worship, Christian Education, and the understand of staffing issues..
    Gloria brings skills having served in a small Church(Colbert), and as  a staff member in 2 larger churches.  She brings a proven track record in developing staff, paid and laity. Her children we provide a ready made opening to the school and our young families. Gloria was very effective in increasing volunteerism and attendance at the Wesley so we look forward to her leadership in the next phase of growth.
    On a personal note, I am using we, for this church is still a part of me. In handing the reins to Gloria in the spring, we will still be linked as part of Christ's body, the church.  I have great hope for what Jesus will continue to do here as you work with Gloria to let His kingdom flow. We have much to get done between now and March so hang on to your hats!
     See you in Church,