Welcome to Kid’s Day Out

Click the button to find the Kid’s Day Out Enrollment packet. Print, complete, and  return to the church office.

Enrollment is not complete until $50 enrollment fee is paid to the church office.

CDC Guidelines for 2020/2021 School Year

  • Temperatures will be taken at the door.

  • Parents will not be allowed inside the KDO Center.

  • Classes will not be combined in common areas. (gym, lunchroom, playground)

  • Increased hand washing and use of kid friendly hand sanitizer

  • Reduced class sizes

  • If a teacher or child tests positive for COVID-19, the class will be closed for 48 hours; DHS and the Health Department will be notified.

Kids Day Out Guidelines:

  • Personal items not be brought daily (toys, blankets, cups)

  • Diapers be brought for a full week or month at a time

  • A cup labeled with child’s name be left at school; water fountains will not be used

  • Backpacks remain in child’s cubby until pick up time